Icon smooth surface Caries Infiltrant


Icon smooth surface ( Caries Infiltrant )


The effective approach totreating white spots.
Esthetic results in just one treatment session.
Icon smooth surface is used to treat white spots in Vestibular areas.

With Icon smooth surface, white spots on smoothtooth surfaces can be esthetically masked.
– How does this infiltration method work?
Air and water entrapments caused by the cariesprocess have a lower light refraction index than healthy tissue.
That leads to anesthetic discolorations calledwhite spots.
Icon-Infiltrant, which penetrates deep into theporous tooth tissue, has a light refraction index similar to that of healthyenamel.
The infiltrated lesion thus approximates theappearance of surrounding healthy enamel.

Another benefit:
– Fluorosis can also be successfully treated usingIcon smooth surface.

Good Reasons:
– Esthetic and medical indication
– Gentle therapy approach for difficult-to-reachproximal lesions in just a few steps
– No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue
– Prolongs the life expectancy of the tooth
– Gentle method for counteracting cariogenic whitespots with an esthetic side effect
– User-friendly and patient-friendly applicationprocess in only one sitting