PROSEPT® myArtisto


PROSEPT® myArtisto

The PROSEPT® myArtisto MS-3 Sanitizer Dispenser is a push-button soap and hand disinfectant dispenser ideal for use in health care settings like hospitals and clinics as well kitchens and restaurants, day-care centers, fitness gyms or public buildings. The dispenser features three extra-large windows that allow users to customize the appearance simply by replacing the graphics. The sanitizer dispenser is compatible with hand disinfectants, hand sanitizers, liquid hand soaps as well as hand creams. The PROSEPT® myArtisto MS-3 Sanitizer Dispenser can be effortlessly wall-mounted by using the included double-sided adhesive tape or wall brackets. The unit has a vandal resistant security lock and key. An optional arm/elbow lever is available for use in areas where cross contamination may be of concern.

Specially designed container for the manual disinfection of rotating instruments such as bone cutters, steel burs, polishers, rubber wheels and finishers. A small opening on the lid permits users to drop in rotary and endodontic instruments without removing the lid. The container is made of high impact plastic that is compatible with all disinfectants. The disinfection container further comes with a lift-out basket for easy rinsing. The effective spectrum and exposure times of PROSEPT® Burs Container are imprinted on the lid for easy usage.