Description:Fresh Hardness for Optimal Occlusion
O-Bite is one of the hardest VPS products among bite registration materials.
Thanks to its high Shore-A hardness level of 93, the material is the ideal partner for precision-fit restorations.
No subsequent compression or flexing during repositioning, no inconvenient grinding of the occlusal height.
This saves a considerable amount of time as well as ensuring greater patient comfort.
Thanks to its consistent cross-linking structure, the vinyl silicone matrix developed by DMG provides the perfect combination of maximum hardness and reliable break resistance.
O-Bite can be worked using both a scalpel and a silicone burr.
With a working time of 30 seconds, and 90 seconds setting time in the mouth once mixing has begun, the setting characteristics of O-Bite are balanced in terms of time.

Bite Registration

– One of the hardest VPS-based bite registration materials
– Superior break restistance
– Fresh fruity orange scent
– Minimal bite resistance
– Fast-curing